The Coin Look - Counterfeit Detection - 1877 Indian Cent

While not the most commonly counterfeited coins, some examples are still out there and would be best to learn how to spot a fake.

Pictured below is a close-up of the date on a genuine 1877 Indian Cent. If you have a questionable 1877 to compare to, note the base and seriff of the 1, thickness of the 8, and shape of the 7's.

The next two pictures are the reverse of an 1877 Indian Cent.

The first example is near Mint-State, but notice the considerable weakness in the center of the coin. The bottom of the "N" in ONE, as well as the top of "E N" in CENT all show weakness. The second example was graded AG3, but still notice the weakness in the center of the coin.


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