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Grading Services

Professional Coin Coing Service (PCGS) - PCGS is widely thought of as the top grading service. Certain coins can often bring a premium being in a PCGS holder versus any other.

Numismatic Grading Company (NGC) - NGC is a very close second to PCGS. Well respected

ANACS - ANACS is in third, but not really up to the level as PCGS and NGC. ANACS is a bit more lax on their grading guidelines. For pure authentication purposes, ANACS is probably the best way to go as they are cheaper and still respected.

Independent Coin Grading (ICG) - ICG is pretty much on the same level as ANACS. However, ANACS is far more popular.

Sovereign Entities Grading Service (SEGS) - SEGS does have experienced and well respected numismatist on staff, and will attribute nearly any variety found.

Caution should be taken when buying any slab, as mistakes do happen.

We do not suggest having coins graded or authenticated by any others. Caution should be taken when buying coins in other slabs

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